The Basics

A business administration diploma will teach you the basics of how to do your job. You will learn to type, use software programs essential to inputting data and dealing with daily office tasks such as handling mail, incoming and outgoing. Making appointments and aligning those to the schedule of your boss, answering phones and professional behaviour, they will even deal with ethics and touch on sexual harassment, health and safety laws and how they apply to you. This may be to do with break times and how all office staff should be aware of the fire drill or shutdown procedures, there are a multitude of little details that they won’t be able to teach you however and they are all up to you to discover.

Like any job you are going to have to get to know the other employees and your boss and what type of people they are, this can however impact on what type of business admin diploma courses you can be on the job. Secretaries or personal assistants work closer to their bosses than other jobs they are privy to the daily workings of a company or business and may be involved in some way with the private side of the boss’s life. Whether this is reminding him that he is supposed to be at a kid’s football game or recital or booking a table for them at a restaurant for a date.

Your job will be a reflection of what your boss needs for you to do to keep his office running without a hitch and if he runs the whole company then this may mean at times having to deal with some of his personal issues as well, even though everyone wishes to remain professional there are times when this is just not possible and if you are with the one employer for any length of time then there are going to be times when you will be going above and beyond the normal office duties.

This is the difference between a good business administrator and a brilliant one, all the little touches that are still professional but go a long way to providing a working office, of being trusted implicitly and your boss can relax in the knowledge that all the little details are taken care of and he/she can get on with the task of making all the big decisions and running a large firm. It may be that you are simply someone who crunches data all day, answers all the mail or takes all the phone calls, every office is different and as a advanced diploma business courses online administrator it is your job to conform to the needs of the business around you not the other way around, after you have been employed for a while and you think you may be able to make improvements to efficiency suggest them, don’t implement them without approval, that is a quick way to see the door hitting your backside on the way out.