Excellent Courses Online

I was surprised at the number of IT courses that are offered online as for some reason I was under the impression that this would be a field where face to face contact is a must have.  Of course I was dead wrong in my assumption and in some ways IT courses are ideal to be run online.  I found an interesting site at the Australian Business Academy which offers a short course (12 months) Diploma of Information Technology which has no prerequisites.  This is self paced learning and is offered by on campus learning, external study or a mixture of the two.

The course has an excellent success rate with some 97% of students who wanted work in the field finding work within 12 weeks of graduating.  I liked that a flexible approach was possible as some students cannot study internally full time but would like to have some face to face contact in their studies. At ABA the courses are eligible for VET FEE-HELP which is a Commonwealth Government scheme that helps students to pay for part or all of their fees.  This is a big bonus for many students who have to find the extra funds in order to study.

There are certain skills that are required in order to study successfully as an external student.  The first is really a matter of personal qualities rather than skills.  You need to be able to motivate yourself to meet deadlines and complete your reading and any weekly exercises.  External study demands that you actively participate in your own learning as you are not having content delivered to you except through an online service or mail (in the case of written reading material for example).  Self discipline is really important.  It is very easy to let things like keeping up with reading slide as being something that isn’t critical but it will show up in your assignments and your ability to participate actively in online discussion groups.  Discussion groups are a great way to support your study and to get answers to questions that have been bugging you.  As an online student you will of journalism editing courses online have access to your lecturer or tutor via email.  Often discussing the problem in a group forum can help you solve the current problem and keep your motivation high as you share your experiences with others.

You will need a degree of reading and literacy skills because you won’t have the benefit of having face to face contact with your education provider.  Most of the material for your online course will be delivered in written format and that can be a lot to take in if you struggle with reading a lot of material.  If that is the case for you, ask for help early on.  It is sometimes possible to get audio and/or video recordings of lectures and this may be a big help for you.  You will also need to develop good study skills and be able to manage your time efficiently by online marketing courses in Australia.  I would assume that if you are an external student you may be constrained by work or family commitments.  This means you really need to watch how you allocate time to your different subjects and tasks and make sure you don’t leave them until the last minute!