Driving Lessons to Minimize Auto Accidents

According to a study conducted in the US, auto accidents are a major cause of teen deaths and the reasons vary from the driver’s own fault to mechanical failure in the car. Accidents cause not only deaths but perilous injury, and as result, human productivity certainly goes down. Road safety is a sensitive topic that should be taught in driving schools to avoid the clueless stance apparent in such teen drivers that seem so confident behind the wheel but end up causing unimaginable damage. Basic driving lessons equip a student with such skills as, car maintenance and road safety by learning traffic laws and road signs to avoid confusion on the road. Some lessons will also help one learn to drive in extreme weather. A driving instructor Carlton also instills discipline and respect, important facets of driving, which when ignored can lead to disaster.

By and large, before getting behind the wheel, one must be sensitized of the risks involved with driving. accidents can occur when there is bad car maintenance, leading to faulty breaks and really old tires that just call out for a crash especially when it rains. Though not common, errors in the automobiles due to manufactures can also be a problem, and when this is discovered, quick repair should be done, if the manufacture has not called back the model. Every driver knows that multitasking is not to be practiced when driving, yet it continues to
cause accident causing distractions. By taking lightly such things as eating, applying makeup, speaking on the phone and texting, many a car have crushed. For more precautionary measures that needs to be observed when driving, read more

At times the fault is not with the driver but a problem with traffic lights, but this calls for extra concentration as the conduct of other drivers can be a better gauge. Going through a driving school helps a driver to understand traffic laws, and also the general road set up for commonly driving areas to avoid getting lost, which can cause one end up in sections barred off from driving. These lessons also help one to know how to act incase of an accident, since many may work by ear and find themselves in big trouble. For example, the first instinct many will have after an impact is to get up and start panicking, but on the contrary on needs to remain calm, check if any injuries have been sustained, and the condition of the other passengers. Taking pictures of the cars involved, the scene and noting own the names and addresses of witnesses, before calling the police to access the matter. It is also indicated that one informs the insurance company, not the other car’s insurer, but the personal insurer.

On arrival of the traffic police, recording a written statement shows cooperation, just as accepting medical care is a proof of common sense. Teenage drivers may use their wisdom to go about business, but it must be instilled in them the need to find out what is considered as proper road etiquette, and especially the no drink and driving rule, which most take to be just a suggestion, not applicable, yet, it causes deaths by the masses.